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    Exciting week ????? Hi HC FRIENDS ,So l been following u guys for 12 months,and finally decided to join in.
    l have been on these shares two weeks after they listed on the asx as unitract ,really funny story ,how l discovered it
    Not long ago l ,increased my holding substantially,its great to find so many on the same journey,l dig all your enthusiasm,and knowledge,all your ups and downs,but most of all your passion for this company...........
    Look at us go now !!! l have never seen this company so strong in all these years, Mr.Shortall has copped plenty of pos. and neg. attention,but hey ,he's our captain,and he the one steering this ship,he has all the best people ,from their respective positions in their industry on his side now.You my friends have given me a better perspective of this company with your tireless research and posts,so l thank you all very much.please keep it up.
    HOLD ON ! HOLD ON ! Our time in the sun nears.........l can sense it ,l can taste it !!!!!!
    Power to you all !!!!!!!
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