Gang rapist's father refused visit time

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    Why is the Lebenese community supporting them?\

    The father of convicted gang rapist Bilal Skaf has been refused visits to his son while police investigate a series of phone calls that led to allegations a prison official was offered a bribe.

    However, a Lebanese community spokesman denied that any bribery attempt had been made and accused authorities of victimising the Skaf family.

    The order against Mustapha Skaf comes on top of a two-year year ban meted out to Bilal Skaf's mother for allegedly trying to smuggle a letter out of the prison.

    A Corrective Services Department spokesman today said Mr Skaf would be denied entry to Goulburn's maximum security prison until the latest investigation was completed.

    He said the alleged bribe offer was made when a prison officer returned a phone call and a request was made to put a call through to Bilal Skaf.

    "While that investigation's taking place Mr Mustapha Skaf has been refused entry to the centre," he said.

    Lebanese Muslim Association spokesman Keysar Trad said the Skaf family denied the allegations.

    "I spoke to them - I'm satisfied from what they've told me that there's (been) no attempt to bribe anyone," he said.

    "Somebody in the system seems to have a fixation of keeping this family's name in the media."

    Bilal Skaf was jailed for a maximum 55 years for his role as a ringleader in a series of gang rapes in Sydney's south-west two years ago.

    His mother, Baria Skaf, is appealing the two-year ban on visiting her son imposed earlier this month.

    Corrective Services Minister Richard Amery said a meeting should be arranged with Skaf family to reiterate prison rules.

    Mr Amery told radio 2GB that department officials should "sit them down and then go through the situation about the type of regulations that are in place and will be in place".

    NSW opposition leader John Brogden today said police and corrective services officers had to take all steps necessary to ensure any prisoner was not breaking the rules.

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