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    As some of you may recall during our 'Junior Oilers' threads I mentioned that my days of 'punting' on wildcats such as Huinga etc were over and I was going respectible with Oil Stocks and mainly revenue producing Oilers were going to be the 'focus' with a view to actually making some $$$. This was April 2003.

    The 'gang of four' were - ARQ, AYO, HDR & PSA. By the way I have nothing against AWE or TAP etc - I just thought these four were as good as any.

    So how are they going?

    Say $25,000 invested in each - total $100,000 has produced the following as at the end of Q3 today:


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 65c) $23,846 (30/6/03 @ 62c) $30,384 (30/9/03 @ 79c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 68c) $42,279 (30/6/03 @ 115c) $47,794 (30/9/03 @ 130c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 47.5c) $27,894 (30/6/03 @ 53c) $34,210 (30/9/03 @ 65c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 40.5c) $49,382 (30/6/03 @ 80c) $46,296 (30/9/03 @ 75c)

    31/3/03 $100,000
    30/6/03 $143,401
    30/9/03 $158,684

    The clear winners to date AYO & PSA. The clearest winner is overall however is the only one of these four with traded OPtions at present - AYOO - where I am personally pleased to say that $25,000 invested @ 31/3/03 would today be worth $84,375.

    Now - this is the 'vinegar stroke' quarter starting tomorrow.

    All sorts of fun and games from the start of ARQ's quest for another Hovea/Eremia or two in the mighty Dongara Sands to AYO's various Turkish and WA drilling, to HDR's Mauratania 'day of reckoning' and finally PSA's GOM and China Drills. Many of these stocks are capable of further sizeable growth through to 31st December 2003 due to serious drilling coming up. My prediction - the value will be well over $200,000 in three months time.

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