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gallery gold - this one for 40% from here.

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    I am a holder and although one could say 'it's a ramp' I ask you to reflect on my posts. With the exception of EQN which I still believe will hed at $1.00 on funding of their copper project my posts are genuine about a rise on fundamentals and or market sentimate.

    This stock has touted production this year of between 100-120K ounces at a low cash cost. The residual profit will be put into 5-7mill of drilling on their greenstone tennaments in Africa. They are in Botswana and Tanzania which is economically and politically stable.

    This in my opinion is a quality play could soon attract the institutions and major players. If gold slumps this company should weather the storm.

    I am a holder and seeing as the last post on this stck was december 2004 I wanted to put this on the radar for gold stock players.

    I also hold BMO, GIR, RED, JAK, EQN, (Caught with DYL)
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