Gallen's dad unloads on Gould

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    Become an Immortal? Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?

    NSW has produces many remarkable players and role models. Paul Gallen is not one of them by any stretch of the imagination. A tireless enforcer - sure! A thug - many would say so.

    What he certainly is, is a self confessed drug cheat. He, and the rest of the players caught out in 2014 should have been rubbed out of the game to provide a model for younger players and to send a message that drugs would not be tolerated. Instead the NRL thrashed them with a feather and the NSWRL - to its ever lasting shame - saw fit to make him captain of the SOO when he ought never have been selected in the first place.

    Sorry Mr Gallen Snr, but the likes of your son does not deserve to stand aside greats like Churchill, Fulton, Gasnier, Raper, Langlands, Lewis etc.
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