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The picture is clear Wall Street and all the billionaires want...

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    The picture is clear Wall Street and all the billionaires want Trump , one of them to rule. They want to keep the market up, more likely and buying the dip or they want to get out, less likely. The volatility will remain for few weeks until G20 or further revelations of progress in the trade talks. IMHO, a trade deal will happen.

    The recovery from the sell off yesterday will be good for Galaxy to factor on the fantastic update about the cost and production and also reward those who see value in Galaxy and buy the dips.

    I have no doubts the momentum is there. On one of the trading platform , it says strong buy, fair value was $1.82, now changed to $2.18. I would say to them try $5, and it is just a matter of time not if.

    I expect a spike on the announcement of Labour win in the Federal election ( not what I wish for), but their policy will be good for investment in lithium industry.

    Anothet update in the first week of May to confirm the momentum of increased production and reducing cost and the sky then will be the limit.

    lots of good news on the way prior to the AGM and for me anything below $1.60 is a bargain since we have consolidated around the bottom of $1.50.

    We will soon see a substantial holders’ notice and possible some directors’ buy notice. What MT mine needs at this stage to gain market confidence is that they can achieve high grade, maintain low cost and increase production and sales, I can see these things already happening . Money is made when you are ahead of the market.

    Just a little reminder of the previous company updates not long time ago of:
    Increased resources
    Increased production
    Increased grade
    Decrease cost, thanks to completion of of YOP.

    With regard to collaboration with Tawana/A40, the signal is there on sharing the Global Passion ship. I guess we will hear more about it this Thursday.

    The more I read and hear about Galaxy, the more I am convinced of the bright future of Galaxy and personally I think AT did a lot but market sentiment was not on his side.

    Few month ago, FMG was in the high $4, people on the forum were criticizing the female CEO and some comments were really bad and gender oriented. What happened since then, the Vale saga, decreased production from a world producer, the iron ore prices sky rocketed and the share price got to $8 and now special dividend of A$30/ share. The CEO is still the same, just the market sentiment changed and that is exactly what would happen with Galaxy that has the best fundamentals among the lithium producer.

    Anyhow, it is only my 5 cents worth.

    Cheers, Sydney

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