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    Suggestions to BOD and Management:
    - Next time please prepare a proper Investor Presentation with clear short & long term milestones and going forward company strategy to achieve those targets. Also include the breakdown of cash spend with catagories. Don’t hide spends in professional consulting or legal buckets.
    - Get Dave, Melanie, Michael Phelps on the road show to meet existing top 5 shareholders and potential new shareholders/ Brokers.
    - Company have lost credibility due to poor performance in last 9 months. Company needs to provide more honest, insight and transperancy to the shareholders.
    - Reduce the number of Board members and Executives. A company with a market capital of 4 million and cash at bank of less than $2 million don’t need this many executives.
    - Please don’t completly rely on shareholders and keep raising funds. We have already contributed a lot. MediBio should also focus on generating some revenue from its existing ready to market services.
    - No one knows how much we have spend on ilumen so far ???? What sort of revenue are we expecting in 2019, 2020 and 2021 ????? Projected revenue ??? What is company strategy to commercialise and generate revenue from ilumen ?
    - Previous Investor Presentation was very poorly written.Expected spend in 2019 is approx 7 million and all we are expecting is ‘one or more FDA 510K application clearance and response to De Nova FDA application response’ and No commercialisation or roll out plan for FDA 510K cleared services.
    - Ensure to not to write such wordings like raising from Convertable notes will be sufficient for 12 months. Is this mean that Company will run out of money again and will be raising more $$$.
    - Previously company had failed to stop the share price from falling due to lack of transperancy, heavily cash burn and poor performance. It’s company responsibility to keep providing market with some positive news and to give a clear mesage that everything is under control and Directors and Executives have stopped playing musical chair game now.

    Good luck to everyone!

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