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    Where do we see MediBio in next 12 months.

    Best/ Ideal scenario:
    Received more than one FDA 510 and FDA De Nova Clearences. Share price might hit over 10 cents and company might raise money to commercialise its services? Its very unlikely that SP will ever go back to 40 cents in next 12 months.

    Same as it is Scenario:
    We might receive 1 FDA 510K clearance in April/ May. SP might hit up to 5 cents and existing stucked shareholders currently will heavily sell and bring down SP back to between 2 to 2.5 cents. Also it’s highly likely that company will run out of money again by September quarter and might end up raising more money. Company still doesn’t have any proper strategy. They are more worried about how to get paid for their operations/ salaries.

    Worst Scenerio:
    FDA 510K application is delayed and De Nova might take few more years to get clearance. Company keep raising and running out of money. Share price fall below 1 cents. Shareholders will Name and Shame or might take a class action.

    Not a advise......DYOR!

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