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Future decisions thru broad settlements

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    ….’party leaders discuss politics and current issues’

    Is there an elephant in the room (Kvanejfeld) or maybe it’s no longer an issue?

    Lively party leader debate in Inatsisartut

    Party leaders met in the Inatsisartut Hall today, Wednesday.

    The chairman of Naalakkersuisut Múte Bourup Egede (IA) Leiff Josefsen

    NUKAPPIAALUK HANSENWednesday, October 13, 2021 - 15:14
    Inatsisartut's party leadership round during the autumn meeting was held today, Wednesday, from 09.30 to 11.00.

    Here the party leaders took turns on the rostrum, where each party discussed politics and current issues. Topics such as fisheries, airport expansions and business were particularly discussed among party leaders.

    Broad settlement
    The chairman of the largest party in Inatsisartut and the chairman of the Naalakkersuisut, Múte Bourup Egede (IA), emphasized in particular that future decisions should be implemented through broad settlements.

    - The biggest change from the previous coalition is that we have implemented several changes among the members of the boards of the self-governing companies, where more young people from Greenland have been appointed to various board positions.

    - But we have a lot of work ahead of us, so it is important to implement broad settlements so that together we can create peace in the population, he said, among other things, to the Democrats' chairman Jens-Frederik Nielsen's question about what the biggest change has been at present compared to the most recent coalition.

    Múte Bourup Egede also called for what Siumut and Naalakkersuisut can collaborate on when Erik Jensen (S) was on the podium.

    - There are many things we can collaborate on. We can cooperate in the housing area, the elderly policy, the social area, the business community and in the fisheries area. And there are many things where we can create results together, which the people also need us to do, the Siumut chairman emphasized.

    Had to swallow a camel
    Last month, Naleraq's Pele Broberg was stripped of his post as naalakkersuisoq for foreign affairs. Here, Naleraq chairman Hans Enoksen was asked what he thought about it.

    - It is no secret that there are discussions among the coalition parties, and we have seen this in all the other years. This is nothing new. We have worked hard and have already created results together despite the fact that it is only half a year since the election for Inatsisartut. But of course we had to swallow a camel (when Pele Broberg was deposed as naalakkersuisoq for foreign affairs, ed.), But now we have the children and family area. It is given and taken into politics, said the Naleraq chairman, who could also tell that the party is against the Naalakkersuisut's decision to raise the rent in the Self-Government's homes.

    Múte Bourup Egede (IA), Erik Jensen (S), Hans Enoksen (N), Jens-Frederik Nielsen (D) and Atassut chairman Aqqalu Jerimiassen participated in the party leadership round.

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