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future copper demand

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    Just spoke with an analyst at a respected fund manager. He has been doing some analysis on china/copper story.

    At present, world copper demand requires 18mt per annum supply. Due to urbanisation of china, (predominantly inland not coastal) China's exepcted individual demand is expected to be 15mt per annum, climbing from 4mt currently by 2015

    This would push world demand to approx 30mt. That sort of supply is equivalent to another 4-5 Escondida sized operations (worlds largest producer)... Not to mention, there is currently not even that sort of level of reserves identified at present. (which would be required already if it was goign to be mineable in next 5-7 years)

    Do the maths on that?! Where is this going to do to copper prices? forget the short term prices volatility, I know where my funds are going. Long on Copper.

    Happy to hear any other opinions..

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