ESG 0.00% 86.5¢ eastern star gas limited


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    Nothing has really changed here. The keep increasing reserves as planned and now have a rig for the year, so patience is needed as reserves gradually ramp up.

    In the current environment we have seen plenty of panic selling as many try to free up as much cash as possible. This is no different here, particularly as CSM tends to see a gradual increase in reserves and many punters/traders are looking for big short term spikes, so they may just be going onto the next one.

    Interestingly, there was mainly buyers for most of the day today (and some very good lines), with some sellers coming in towards to end which saw the match price drop.

    I would be very surprised if the share price didn't return to 35c tomorrow.

    Best of luck and don't forget to keep a clear head.
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