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    Interesting start to 2019

    Some low volume selling and buying, I think we are in a bit of zombie state where there is no significant downside right now

    Why 2019 could a year to come

    - Mining Right and expansion to 20,000 ounces per annum

    - Gold making record highs in AUD (Rand is also getting up there)

    - Smaller Mining Permits to expand operation from the current 1000 ounces per annum to 4000 ounces per annum

    - New toll operators on current operation to improve recoveries

    - If mining right occurs this resource should be worth at minimum 10-15 Dollars per ounce in terms of EV value (30-50 million based on 3.67 million resource)


    - South africa drags out permitting process and another CR is required by june (no positive cashflow from mining permits before mining right granted)

    - Gold Capitulates to below 1100 USD per ounce (softened by strong dollar at the moment)

    At current 8 million MC I see significant value and upside to a potential 50 million MC in 2019

    Lets hope management keep kicking goals and keep us updated!

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