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    Hi all ,
    We must ask ourselves a few questions, is the company still fundamentally a good thing!
    1) is it making a profit?
    2)are the ships sailing away with ore?
    3) what price shocks in the future if any?
    4)how is management spending money? Wisely or frivolously
    5) has the partner been supportive?
    6) do you think the company is in a better position now then when it started out?
    7) what will the Aussie $ do, and does it matter?
    8) if I didn't have any shares , would I buy in now?
    9) what is the TRUE asset backing of company?
    10 ) have the brokers upgraded forecasts .
    11) who,s buying /are directors in?
    The list goes on. Once you can answer these q's then you are in a better place. I bought recently and was caught out too, but looking at the above list I think this will now improve....need a few months though !
    Keep an eye out on the trend and announcements. Ask some advice here,get a broad response.
    I would only buy now if I saw some strength on the buying side and price moves up.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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