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fundamentals seldom mentioned

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    firstly when telstra had been floated into the market in three seperate tranches, after the third we had the dot com colapse, many people i know who had been big winners from T1 & T2 borrowed money to take part in T3 ?

    the government sill held a lot of telstra, they also had another problem with the pollies extremley generous garanteed super fund in as much as the future payouts wer unfunded & a huge liability.

    the answer was this wonderfull sounding thing called the" future fund" , that is nothing to do wih our future but the feather bed of the polies .

    so they decided to kill 2 birds with one stone & plce the remaining chunk of telstra shares in the future fund.

    one poster on here comented on how ugly the TLS chart looked & i think i know why, the future fund wanted to spread its investments into other things than just telstra ! so for many years they were heavy sellers of telstra all the way down to $2.50.

    i read just recently the future fund managers were so proud that they made over %10 gain in the fund last year. as i have said before from the low point to now its nearly %200 gain. if the future fund had not sold there TLS shares the price would IMO never got that low & who knows how high it would be now. how much of a gain would the future fund have made then ?

    so we have SP which was depressed buy a massive seller, recovering from an artificialy created low like a coiled spring ?

    the big winners of this are the insto's & investors who were brave enough to soak up the mass of shares being sold & still want more !!


    i know some of the reports i have read recently by the forcasters are starting to mention we are starting to get the trickle of the 13 billion entering telstra's coffers from the NBN deal ?

    so we should now get a faster rising SP from an artificial low & possibly now reach an artificial highs as the naysayers finly throw in the towel & join the buying spree !

    i cant say this enough please do not under estimate the deal david thodey has done, i dont usualy admire CEO's but in my book this one is different GLTAH
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