fundamental analysis

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    Hi all,

    My strategy is 90% buy and hold for the medium term, with flexibility to rid myself of underperformers, or take good profits. 10% is speculatives.

    With regard to the fundamentals, just wondering if anyone has recommendations for stock selection tools (etc). I have previously used Actvest, which has been great, but am open to other ideas. I have been paying about 40 bucks a month for Actvest, but not sure if its exactly what I want.

    At the moment I read financial newspapers extensively,look for recommendations on financial websites, keep a good eye on Hot Copper, try to pick up a bit off the Business Channel, and basically look for consensus on good value shares. If I spot something I think is ok, I look a bit closer at its balance sheet and financials.

    There is probably no "one-stop shop", but I am interested in any ideas. I don't mind spending a bit of time doing my research, but if there is an easier way, it's good to know.

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