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Fund Managers prescribe remedy for patient...

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    ...cut its head off.

    Absolutely typical...In my view this is why so few fund managers are actually any good.

    The AFR quotes a leading fund manager as saying Alan Newman should depart FCL after the companies recent performance.

    In my mind this demonstartes the complete lack of understand such a person has for the risks that are known to exist in the venture that Newman runs.

    It has exposure to significant impact from climatic conditions - insurance, rural supplies, cattle and fertiliser.

    Newman is one of the leading managers in Australai in my opinion - yes, age and cunning DO have a place in management - its the funds sold his stock down - if they want to trade short term then expect the swings and roundabouts.

    Despite my words of warning in recent posts don't get me wrong...this is a quality company in my view. All that remains is to pick the entry point and have patience...but it is a quality company WITH Alan Newman running it - take him away and all bets are OFF.

    (All imo of course!)
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