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    Sep. 20, 2003
    Hamas kidnapped and tortured PA security agent in Gaza

    A member of the Palestinian Authority's Preventive Security Service in the Gaza Strip who was kidnapped by Hamas activists said on Saturday that he was brutally tortured by his captors.

    Mohammed Al-Shiekh, 38, told The Jerusalem Post from his hospital bed in Gaza City that he was kidnapped by six armed men belonging to Hamas from his home in the Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip last Wednesday. "I was sitting outside my home when a yellow minivan pulled up," he recounted.

    "Three masked men carrying rifles and pistols got out of the vehicle and ordered me to get in. When I tried to resist, they hit me with the butts of their guns. They told me, 'You are a collaborator.'"

    Al-Shiekh's brother and mother who were present at the scene first thought that the kidnappers were undercover Israeli soldiers. He was blindfolded and bundled into the car, where three more armed men were sitting.

    "They started beating me all over the body and I was bleeding non stop," he added. "I was severely wounded in the eye and forehead."

    Al-Shiekh said the kidnappers drove him to an undisclosed location, where he was held until Friday noon. He said that all this time he was subjected to various methods of torture. "They beat me with chains, clubs and pipes," he said. "I wasn't able to sleep for two days because of the pain. They told me, 'You and [PA Security Minister Mohammed] Dahlan are traitors and Israeli spies."

    Al-Shiekh's abduction was in the frame of an armed confrontation between Hamas and the Preventive Security Service in Gaza City. The clash erupted on Wednesday night and continued throughout Thursday and Friday. At least five people were injured, two seriously, in the clashes.

    The Preventive Security Service accused Hamas of triggering off the clashes by kidnapping Al-Shiekh. It said its forces immediately detained seven members of Hamas in the context of investigations to arrest the kidnappers and bring them before the justice.

    A spokesman for Preventive Security warned that anyone who tries to undermine the unity of the Palestinian Authority would be held legally accountable.

    The shooting erupted in Gaza City on Thursday after the arrest of the seven Hamas members suspected of kidnapping Al-Shiekh.

    Hamas said the confrontation began when the Preventive Security Service arrested one of its senior activists in Gaza City.

    Hamas activists attacked police stations with stones and burned tires in the Shieh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City.

    Under a deal to end the dispute, Hamas released l-Shiekh and another police officer it had detained on Wednesday, and the Palestinian Authority freed the seven Hamas members it arrested.
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