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    Have a good weekend at the conference

    - now it all seems so bloody clear!!!

    Alien conference set to land
    By Tim Clarke
    July 18, 2003

    VIDEO footage allegedly depicting alien implants being surgically removed from humans will be shown in Perth during a scientific conference exploring the possible existence of extraterrestrial life.

    The Hidden Truths conference, organised by the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), will address various theories surrounding alien life forms, including alien abduction.

    ACERN principal and conference organiser Mary Rodwell believes almost one million Australians could have had contact with aliens.

    "People do not necessarily want to talk about what has happened to them, because they are afraid they are going crazy - or other people will think they are crazy," Ms Rodwell said.

    "This conference will present the evidence in a very scientific way, and hopefully let ordinary people know what the facts are about extraterrestrial contact."
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