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fujifilm to challenge tamiflu and relenza

  1. cpg
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    Just when you thought digital was safe.

    Those that know, know what this could mean. Could be another perimivr or not. !!

    ''Fujifilm, Japan's only maker of photographic film, said last week that it would buy 66 percent of the drugmaker to diversify into pharmaceuticals as demand for camera supplies fell. The prize is an experimental influenza treatment that may also fight bird flu and drug-resistant strains of influenza.''

    ''Resistance to Toyama's drug has not been found in patients, and laboratory experiments demonstrated that it may be better-protected than Tamiflu, Furuta said. One reason is that T-705 stops the flu virus from replicating its genetic material, whereas Tamiflu targets a single protein on the surface of the virus, he said.''

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