fuel prices set to drop....ohh doahhh !

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    ..."Fuel prices set to drop
    August 28, 2005

    PETROL prices are tipped to fall by up to 2c a litre as recent record price hikes settle down on the back of stablising oil prices.

    National fuel price analyst Geoff Trotter, of FUELtrac, said prices were expected to fall by about 2c a litre over the next week, despite the price of crude oil continuing its rise........"

    This article is from the Sunday Telegraph, WHAT A RUBBISH ARTICLE ....SO WHAT ???? IF 2c's will make any difference ??????? OGM WAKE UP ! Why right a article so bl*Ody st*p1d article like this ? better not write it at all......mind you there is not even the name of the idi Ot who wrote it. Maybe the Newspaper is so desperate to fill something on and knows how rubbish it is....LMFAO !
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