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frome 12 drilling on track at 1300 metres dept

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    Geothermal Resources Limited (Geothermal Resources – ASX : GHT) advises that over the past
    month Frome 12 has made steady progress and is now approaching 1300 metres depth.
    HQ size coring (96 mm hole diameter) proceeded well and was continued to a depth of 1200
    metres, before the changeover to smaller NQ size coring (75.7 mm hole diameter). Regular
    downhole surveying has shown that the hole has maintained the planned vertical dip and it is
    currently only 0.5 degrees from vertical.
    To date, Frome 12 has been remarkably trouble free and barring any unforeseen problems, it should
    be possible to continue NQ coring to at least the planned depth of 1800 metres. As stated
    previously, the bottom of hole temperature in Frome 12 will provide the critical scientific evidence
    required to make the decision whether to drill a large diameter production hole into the potential
    geothermal reservoir at 3-4 km depth. The indications so far are positive, with the most recent
    temperature recorded by the driller’s downhole survey instrument being 78.5 oC at a depth of
    1266 metres. It is expected that the equilibrated temperature would be higher as more time is
    allowed for the rocks to fully heat the water contained in the hole. This temperature is consistent
    with measurements in Geothermal Resources other shallower drillholes in the region, which it is
    predicted could result in a temperature of at least 200oC at 4 km depth.
    Frome 12 is being drilled with a powerful diamond drilling rig owing to the considerably lower cost
    versus conventional rotary drilling with a larger oil drilling rig. While it will not be possible to
    extend the hole for production purposes because of its small diameter, the drill core will provide
    valuable information on the insulating properties of the cover rocks and the degree of horizontal
    fracturing that will be critical to permeability.
    This drilling is being supported by a $2.4 million REDI (Renewable Energy Development
    Initiative) grant from the Commonwealth Government that will match the Company’s funding. It is
    planned to release regular updates to the market as drilling progresses.
    Geothermal Resources is 63.6% owned by Havilah Resources NL, and holds extensive tenements
    over two prime hot rock geothermal projects in South Australia, namely the Frome project near
    Broken Hill and the Crower project in the South East. Both projects are well located with respect to
    existing power grids and end user consumers.
    Dr K R Johnson
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