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    "We see ourselves to be much more of a family platform where you can access content, products and services based on the age and stage of your kid," Geller tells Business News Australia.

    "We see that as being a sizeable business and you don't need a hundred million people for that - we could have five million super active users and we could be a $100 million business on our way to $1 billion."

    "Companies approach us all the time [to sell data] and we decline that's not our business model. We were private before privacy on the web was an important thing - it's always been a part of the DNA and it's always going to be there."

    "The way we do advertising is brands come to us and they want to get to a certain target we'll work with them, we'll craft content, we'll craft messaging and then we'll add them to our platform and we'll message our user directly," says Geller.

    "This technology offers trends and insights that companies have never been able to access before. It's all about understanding how families are developing and how behaviours are developing in families and households."

    "If there are other competitors out there I think it's a good thing for the industry and it's a good thing for us -  I'm a big believer of staying paranoid, being innovative and thinking beyond what we have today."

    "When we're still a rock in their shoe I don't think we'll get much attention. We really want to build a phenomenally amazing business and I've always believed and building a great business and lots of people want to be a part of it.

    "I've always been a believer that you never create something to be sold; you create something that is amazing that always people want to buy.

    He says the founders have a big mission ahead and believes there "nothing out there that's doing the job we believe we can create".

    "Hopefully we can build it with the patience, perseverance and grit that have got us here today," he says.
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