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    I posted this a few days ago--it is far from over

    GOCONNECT _GCN now at 16c

    GCN - Goconnect Limited
    Title: Goconnect get moving
    Picked by: Monty
    Picked on: 30/10/02
    Pick Expires: 30/12/2002
    Pick Price: $0.11
    Current Price: $0.16
    Predicted Price: $0.15
    Current Return: 45+%
    Predicted Return: 36%

    GCN goconnect trading at 11 c is about to introduce technology for delivering messages over mobiles---it has been described as a killer application.

    If you ever travelled to Japan or China (HK) you will know how mad they are on this.

    A Chinese fund recentlly became a 5% holder of the company,as the directors have enormously strong links,one can expecy a real bounce.

    Technically the stock has signalled a chart breakout.

    A quick lift to 15+ is expected.

    The Gotreck technology has now been adopted by a wide range of MAJOR companies for delivering live TV.


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