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    Finally managed to have a chat to Mr Phil Warren from Grange Consulting. He was very happy to have a chat and seems like a rather intelligent man.

    He made mention of the 2 new board members and noted their experience in coal and how one was instrumental in the riversdale project. *hint hint*

    He confirmed that SLT are resource focused and are regularly receiving phone calls from companies with potential projects.

    He said that they were also receiving calls in relation to bio projects but that wasn't their focus anymore and it is definately a Resource Project.

    He said that they are currently assessing a number of resource projects both here and overseas. They are doing their due diligence on the projects / acquisitions and all the groundwork at the moment. He said that the timeframe for this is dependant upon where the project is based obviously.

    Now the interesting thing was that he said that whilst he couldn't give too much information away about the project, it was pretty obvious given the recent board appointments and their experience.

    He said that Grange were going to do with SLT the same sort of thing as they did with Manhattan Corporation. Use a shell company to source a resource project.

    Confirmed that there would be a restructure and name change also.

    Hopefully this puts an end to some of the downrampers and speculation that its just a pump and dump. As I have said already , they didn't go to all that work just to set this up to be a 5 bagger. I am thinking more along the lines of a 20 or 30 bagger in a few years.

    Now just sit and wait :)

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