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    Keith around 40mins in

    Key take aways;

    News next week on hydroxide ( one of the final pieces left towards completing the DFS)

    April announcements ( key info; Geomet and DRA Global were reviewing the findings, with an announcement expected before the end of April outlining significant improvements and developments. - Keith also mentioned in the interview last week that CEZs support has been invaluable and that will become evident in the annocement stage at the end of April. ( https://youtu.be/SR5WUvcLdVE?si=-5oJpEA9klU55ROF this one) I feel like there will be an announcement in relation to Cinovec to the CMA, possibly in linked to the 15 day Keith mentioned in the above interview - likely with them also classifying Cinovec as a strategic project.)

    49mil grant news in May/end of Q2 ( if successful but from previous interviews it seems in hand - bids closed on December the 31st - there's 300million specifically for helping the region Cinovec is in to transition away from COAL - And there's only 11 strategic projects that money will go to and we are one of them. A €49/£42million non dilute grant would rerate the current 27mil mcap and is a has a considerable impact to the final project Capax - also will return all sentiment )

    DFS and Off take sounds like May June, July the latest - with an upgrade from circa 30,000tpa to circa 60,000 which is Huge for the EU.

    Keith has mentioned in the last 4 - 5 interviews Off take will come to fruition with the DFS and it also sounds in hand with a large partner with a floor and ceiling price.


    Dyor but i think EMH at a 27mil mcap is a huge opportunity - triple+ from here and we're still less than the £0.423 price the European investment bank purchased 6million ( after 9 months of DD and were asking to invest 20million but EMH said no- and they will likely be a huge part of the final FID) Double the SP and were still less than the price before the DFS extention in December .

    There's Been delays but we're already overdone and on the Cusp Now. Near thre 5 yearly low, over sold and disconnected for what the project actually is, how far advanced it is and how much support it has.


    Government support https://www.lse.co.uk/rns/EMH/czech-pm-visits-cinovec-signs-moc-with-saxony-pm-mwkqeepvayfkxu7.html - backed by a major in CEZ ( 17bn mcap 70% owned by gov - the state power company ) and the European bank of construction and development. Fully funded to FID. News rich April - The $49million grant could get there back to the price the EBRD paid alone at the same time that DFS and offtake are landing - Off take and DFS showing 30,000 and 60,000 are enough to challenge ATHs before FID. Big Q2 ahead - priced to fail but far from it
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