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from green tights to green lights

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    The only mole I want to hear about is the subterranean rotary mechanical type.

    Some pics of the successful contractor standing on the pad with some royal ugly dudes shaking hands with Rick and Paul would be good for starters..

    Ps...I disagree....


    60 to 80c on aoi anns of contractors nlt early Mar

    Mar pump and dump to rattle oppie holders

    130 to 150c on spud anns April

    May pump and dump to scare oppie holders.

    250 to 350c for 90 million bbls of cretaceous goo in Jun

    World class anns....800c after 1100c spike for an understated 400 million bbls of jurassic goo in Jul

    oppie holders hire gypsy jokers baseball team and send them an invitation to a hit off in Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West.

    PS buys the Bell St KFC out of his largess and deepfries the chooks that he had boiled in a previous life.

    Doctor (hon) Peter L,,,QC ,Professor (hon) Leo K,,,,OAM, and King ''Yusef the moderator'' share 2009 Nobel Peace prize for Saving Somalia from itself, and prolonging peak oil date from 2015 to 2099.

    Range buys Chevron and African oils recent purchase, Royal Dutch Shell from part proceeds of its 50% share of the recent 77 billion bbl off shore discoveries that it joint ventured with CNOOC in the previous year.

    Dr Ali applies for Chinese citizenship in a cunning plan to run for Prime Minister of China.

    Buys Chinese Internet share trader's forum and posts as Yangseeplongosaan.

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