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    I think you directing your pathetic note to the wrong guy. The guy who is here to down ramp and leach of this site. So my advice to you is work on your judgement. The fowl a has a lot of time on his hands to spend on this site without even having an interest in the company. He is here to take advantage of people here who are unfortunate to hold AMP thru the years hoping that it may change fortunes and now the RC saga destroying value and you turn to this disgusting low life to share your views. All he does is preys on holders misery day after day.

    And for the record he was not here prior to the RC.

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    This is getting creepy! 

    This is starting to confirm something for me, BarnArse has several logins. With several logins he or she likes there own messages and defends there own comments by using other usernames. For me, it looks like multiple accounts. Either that, or there are other people in this world are becoming more spiteful, and vindictive. 

    There is lots of speculation here, but I have never in my life seen something so strange as what I have seen in this forum.

    People that claim to have no personal interest in a company, trolling on negative sentiment, to the point that they are hating on anyone that writes about AMP. 

    I am am starting to be intimidated and afraid to write a comment, in that I will be threatened with a public slaying again. 

    Either that or buyonfact is following BarnArse around, and just happens to write after him by coincidence. 

    Either that, or they work for the same company, does your company or syndicate happen to be shorting AMP guys? There seems to be a few of you?

    Whatever the answer, this is so weird?

    It, might be time to come clean. Let's stop hiding behind account names.

    What is both your names and professions?

    What's your real motive?

    I am happy to eat my words, humble pie as they say. 

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