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    Excellent article from SMH w/e business section (posted on the Nexus thread) ...

    Shareholdercide - diluted to death
    Date December 8, 2012
    Michael West

    KNOW the feeling? That old diluted feeling? Those shares that once held such promise now languish at a fraction of a cent. They're worth even less than the amount of tax Google Australia pays in Australia. That's low.

    What do you do? Why sell them when they're worth less than the brokerage? Why not slip them in the bottom drawer?

    One day, suddenly, there is a glimmer of hope. A letter arrives. Your exploration company has been transformed. Like the butterfly rising resplendently from the ashes, your company is on the cusp of finding a cure for cancer. Alas, there has been a restructuring.

    The shares which were worth a fraction of a cent are now fetching a fraction of a fraction of a cent.

    Even if they did achieve that cure for cancer, after just one more equity raising, your share would not even be enough to chip in with your mates - who, by the way, are definitely not mates with any good old Labor ministers - to buy that stretch of dirt that is just about to become a coalmine in New South Wales.

    Shareholders in Compass Resources know that feeling. One day they owned a billion-dollar enterprise touting the fourth-largest lead project in the world. The next, they found themselves diluted to 5 per cent of the stock.

    Even more galling was the fact that their chairman, Gordon Toll, and a US hedge fund emerged with the other 90 per cent or so - a good old debt-for-equity swap, you see. Gordon and the hedge fund, Yorkville Advisors, had helpfully provided some loans to Compass before its grisly demise.

    Those loans would become equity thanks to a deal with Ferrier Hodgson, appointed administrators in January 2009.

    Now, Yorkville and its founder, Mark Angelo, have been charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission.

    As an aside, Yorkville is also financier to the likes of Drillsearch, Greenland Minerals, Nexus, Cougar Energy, Peninsular Mining, Aurox Resources, St Barbara, European Gas, Toro Energy, Lynas, Arafura Resources, Admiralty Resources, Linc Energy,

    Unwired, Industrea, Murchison Metals, Queensland Gas Company and Fortescue Metals.

    So shareholders in the above might care to check the status of their credit arrangements with Yorkville, or YA Global as it is known.

    YA practices a pernicious form of lending called ''death spiral financing'', where it is issued with shares in the company with which it has struck its funding deal - usually a company desperate for cash.

    YA can therefore ''short'' the stock in the knowledge that it won't have to buy back the shares on-market to cover its position.

    Shareholders in Compass Resources, who are still clamouring for justice, could be forgiven for suspecting that YA cleaned up by shorting shares in their company before it became a secured creditor and emerged from administration with the bulk of the stock.

    A neologism is in order. We hereby coin the word: shareholdercide.
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