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from a mum and dad

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    Hi All,

    As you can see from my post title, I am your classic mum and dad.

    I have very limited experience in this game and am trying to figure it out.

    I bought in at 56c and not a great quantity. still, it is a significant amount of cash in my terms.

    I have been slyly watching CNP for some time and was keen to get in last weds but pulled back. watching the stock and reading the rampers here, i bought in at that price on thursday. silly me.

    It has been great reading what you all have to say, but at the end of the day i have decided to trust none of you.

    everyone here seems to have their own personal agendas (which is totally fine) and i feel there are a few chameleons lurking about (ie: those who play the market long and short while pretending to be oh so wholesome here). it seems to me that many posters here are also very vocal in ramping CNP up and head for the hills and hide when the S*%T hits the fan. talking loud but saying nothing.

    I bought into this stock because what i saw was something that i believed would survive. I posted earlier that i dreamt sp would go down to .09c. if that comes true, what can i do - esp since i cant afford to buy more.

    All i can say is that as a "mum and dad", it is all or nothing for me. If i can sit tight for 2 years until i see SP at $1+ and some divvies that will help cover my mortgage - then SWEET! I can re-invest some of my earings to trade with.

    If CNP crashes and burns, then i will have to take that fall. The way that i am thinking is that i would rather thke the chance that centro folds than selling out at a loss.

    Bring it on i say because from where i sit, i have no option but to hold.

    My balls of steel are made of no other option.

    PS. i have committed my pissy little shares to a sell at 70c (the highest etrade woukd let me) in an effort to hold off the mo fo shorters.

    kindest regards to all
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