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fridays trading

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    If you get a chance check out the chart for the DOW for the day, talk about a roller coaster, and this has been happening for weeks now. This market is totally directionless, and this combined a recent survey pointing to peoples lowest level of confidence in job security and the job market in general, things are looking very bright.

    People currently have more debt than ever before, they are not spending like the markets were relying on them to. This rally is about to come to a screaming halt and the subsequent downturn in Australia's economy is going to finally burst the property bubble. Yes the markets will slide and the property bubble will burst at about the same time.

    I expect this to occur within the next two months so thus I am now placing all my funds, real estate has all been sold in the last 6 - 9 months, (except home) and all funds from Monday will placed in the only safe haven that will exist....GOLD....

    The amount of money that is going to be pouring into Gold over the next few months will be enormous.

    The POG is going to skyrocket........
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