XJO 0.34% 6,706.9 s&p/asx 200

friday noir

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    stock indexes retreating at resistance, oil up, gas up, gold up, aud up, usd way down, bonds up/yields down, burnie starting to prepare markets for bank failures, xjo being hollowed out by huge drops in individual stocks... inflation is gaining strength cos the usd is falling and driving up global commodity prices... theres now a whiff of 30's bank runs and depression in the high levels of the atmosphere.. like others here I think the next major leg down has started...

    its probably better to short nonminers and long miners as a trade imho.. the miners might hold up cos of the metal and oil price gains from the falling usd.. and miners might deprive the index bears of profits.. short the weaks, long the strongs... of the usual indexes, the nasdaq looks weakest... imho..
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