XJO 1.11% 6,126.2 s&p/asx 200

Friday March 15 - Domain name day

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    SPI Futures traded in a 32 point range last night, with a high of 6215, low of 6183 and a close this morning of 6203, up 16 points on volume of 17,907 contracts. Based on that range, my pivot point and R and S levels are below. The outstanding gap at 6210 was filled last night, leaving two above from previous days at 6271 and 6285. As we get closer to March contract expiration, I was of the view that these two would be on the 'Not filled' list, but that view has decreased now, as the more people post 'It's going down' probably means it's going up. Two days in a row now SPI has gone up after the XJO close. Gaps above at 6214 and 6210 (again) from last night and down at 6186 and 6184 from last night and 6153, 6110 and 6107 from previous days. Humm.. 100 points between the number 10 gaps. DOW up .03 pct, SNP down .09 pct and Canada (resource driven) down more, at .39 pct. VIX up .67 pct. Bad Housing numbers in the US, US-China meeting supposedly being blow off till April, Facebook down for 14 hours (who cares?)  dogs and cats living together. Friday, the anything can happen day. I'll stick with Canada and the lower gaps after the open me thinks and would be good to get a nice gap up to take out the upper ones, but as usual, let the chart do the talking, and watch the US futures, as they open first.


    On this day in 1985, the first Internet domain name, symbolics.com was registered thus starting a new fad, with domain names being traded and lawsuits over who owns the name. I got a few if anybody wants them. Have a nice day.


    Column 1 Column 2
    0 H 6215
    1 L 6183
    2 C 6203
    3 R 32
    4 R6 6232
    5 R5 6224
    6 R4 6220
    7 R3 6216
    8 R2 6213
    9 R1 6208
    10 PP 6200
    11 S1 6192
    12 S2 6188
    13 S3 6184
    14 S4 6181
    15 S5 6176
    16 S6 6168
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