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Friday April 26 - I don't want to talk about it

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    SPI Futures traded in a small 20 point range last night, with a high of 6376, low of 6356 and a close this morning of 6364, down 5 points on small volume of 5,100 odd contracts. Gaps above at 6382, 6374, 6371, 6370, 6369, 6367 and down at 6357 from the last 2 night sessions. Next one down after that is 6337. I won't bother with ranges today, as even if I include the previous night session, it would still only be 28 points.

    China and Europe mostly in the red. DOW down .51 pct, SNP down .04 pct and Canada (resource driven) down .06 pct. VIX up .84 pct to 13.25. It's Friday, the anything can happen day, plus it's a catch-up day. Should be interesting. Looking forward to a nice opening gap and then I think I'm done. Have a nice day.


    Today in 1982, a gunman robbed rock star Rod Stewart on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard and stole his $50,000 Porsche. The British singer and his 3-year-old daughter were standing next to his black 1977 Turbo Carrera when a gunman demanded the keys. Stewart complied, but the gunman couldn't start the car because of an electronic anti-theft device, so he ordered the musician to start the car for him. Within months, Stewart moved back to Britain, citing an increase in crime and violence in the United States. When asked about the incident, he said "I don't want to talk about it" - well, at least he didn't say "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

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