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    I think we need a fresh start here.

    Canntab is here now, I believe the board will start to fire out some solid announcements, they basically have this Month to come up with a plan, we already know it will be going to Hospitals, Pharmacies and CMOS. To make this easier for the board, what do you expect from the BOD to build shareholders confidence.

    1. I want to see Hospitals and Pharmacies pen to paper, I know we have already made connection's with Pharmacies with our Vitahemp range, so that could be a start.

    2. Price per unit. Remembering it's a 50/50.

    3. I want to see, like most other stocks report to the ASX, is Purchase orders, Example; Chemist Warehouses has purchased $50,000 @ 500 units of the 12.5mg CBD capsules. Something down them lines.

    4. We need, me including, need to drop all the old bullshit, that we think the BOD has been up too, unless you are going to be a person of action and do it properly. No keyboard Warriors.

    5. Sell off the Bauxite or just let it go. Have one core focus, we already have diversification within this core focus, make this even broader.

    6. Have Milestone reports, Hemp Hulling has processed over 10 million tonnes of hemp seed since starting it's operations, we have sold 100,000 units of Hemp oil capsule, I think you get my drift. Bragging never hurts, we are not seeing any thing at all.

    7. We have 12 Million dollars, what are Shareholder expected to see with this money.

    Please continue your thoughts, hopefully this helps them.

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