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    Nice to see a lengthy post on HC rather than a few personal and useless mutterings however, despite the length not much content in this post either. Whilst I acknowledge that there are some seriously biased rampers on any HC threads (both up and down) carpet bombing the credibility of management and HC posters generally seems ill-considered.

    Management have indeed responded to many FERC requests over the past 12 months. The fact that they have done so, at times, under the veil of commercial sensitivity is understandable from where I sit because with issues such as disposal of dredging spoil, Maggy has a number of options on the table, all of which involve third parties and all of which involve significant payments to those third parties. Hence, Maggy are unlikely to want to reveal which is their preferred option whilst in the middle of delicate commercial discussions. Common sense I would have thought.

    Also a cursory glance at the FERC requests would reveal that each of the details requested relates to different particulars on different issues. Hence. to suggest that Maggy have not appeased the queries raised by FERC is non-sense. It is indeed FERC that are bringing new issues to the table in an untimely and somewhat random fashion. Perhaps there are other issues at play here such as internal management changes within FERC, a distinct possibility, however Maggy, of late, have been quick and thorough with their responses.

    That said, the issues of significance continue to relate to BTA's and not NTP. Let's get that one clear.

    So when one says......."Maybe these posters’ need to do a bit more in depth research themselves...", perhaps you should have a chat to the peep looking back at you in the mirror and see what response you get.

    We all want this company to succeed, we would all like a constant news feed and a blow by blow update of internal machinations. You will find however that Vesey has been quite clear that he isn't going to give it to you so either sell up or wait. Those are your options.
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