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    Thanks for your comments on another thread Harvey, between the two of us it looks like we’ve invested nearly $400K in this company. I’ve managed to pull back some losses but I’m still around $40K down at the current SP. I read your post in Golden Age but I’m replying to it on this thread as most of the diehard management devotee’s and rampers (DMD&R) don’t like what I’m posting. They like to say that it’s the same old news coming out of the cupboard though it didn’t seem to matter when they spent all that time posting the blame on the FERC for the NTP delay even after the FERC rejected the Sierra Club’s application, and they have asked management several times to provide specific additional information regarding Magnolia, to which the company’s replies have been confidential and appear to have not met the criterion. Maybe these posters’ need to do a bit more in depth research themselves and think about the fact that it doesn’t matter how much they keep ramping and how much LNG Japan, South Korea, China etc are buying, if they are not buying it from us it’s not doing us much good. There’s been a repeated excuse for LNG’s situation, referring to macro economics and the current global environment, where as I take the view that management’s marketing failed to fully convey a proper balance regarding the company’s projected forecasts versus a comprehensive risk analysis with their main focus being on presenting all the possibilities and not on all the realities.

    Regarding today’s and other recent company announcements, when you look on the company’s website they have posted a number of market updates relating to: Changes in Director’s Interests; Responses to price fluctuations; Quarterly Highlights mentioning off-take agreements; The VGS HOA; The Half Year Report; And today, an update on Bear Head, which I appreciate but hardly find reassuring in regard to ‘The Bear’s’ overall position. I’m hoping the company will have something a bit better to announce soon regarding Bear Head as I invested another pile of money in LNG last year after reading last June’s Quarterly Highlights where the company spoke of being positioned for global success and cash flows of nearly $90M being spent on project development, this was followed by positive news regarding ‘The Bear’ and then the @*se falling further out of the price again.

    To the share holders who are actually just trying to remain positive, I would be happy to ease up a little if the company released some compelling news, personally I want to see the SP go up on something other than speculation, but I get plenty of motivation to keep posting my observations from shots coming over the port bow; BS coming from rampers; more speculation; and from posters’ like my old mate ‘dozen’. For the ‘Charters’, my valuation of the company’s SP doesn’t come from the charts; it comes from among other things, adjustments I make according to considerations related to the company’s forecasts of sales, and in my view whether they renew the lease at FL or not, that’s looking like a potential decrease of up to 15% so I don’t suspect the price will be going up unless there is some other imminent news. To my fellow cupboard dweller, Harvey; Thanks for your concern, in regard to who’s watching and what I say, I try to stick to the facts when I make my observations and I’d be happy to move on from all of the above if some genuinely good news comes out soon or other posters stick to the facts, in the mean time I’ve got more research to do on BH and the SP.
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