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I’ve been trying not to post for weeks now, but the incompetence...

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    I’ve been trying not to post for weeks now, but the incompetence of this team and failure to acknowledge its shortcomings is astounding. To see LNG’s shares valued at $0.25 after years of misleading announcements, speculation and excuses is a testament to this management’s failures.

    In an interview with Reuters on 25th March this year GV said he expected to make FID in the second half of 2019.

    In an interview with Bloomberg on 22nd July this year he said the redomiciling to the US should be completed this year or early 2020. He said the company has shifted its focus from Australia and Indonesia to the US. In the six years I’ve been following LNG, I have never heard of them focusing on Indonesia.

    GV said (regarding Meridian Energy) that he was freeing up desired capacity, and was selling LNG on a first come, first served basis.

    Soooo sooo much BS.

    Now talk of incremental capital raises (obviously means more than one). We’ve all known it’s coming, but have any of you done the maths?? The last CR was at $0.50 and resulted in IDG taking 9.9% of the company to raise $28Million.

    At this price 10% of the company being sold off would only raise $13Million (after incurred costs) and 20% of the company would have to be sold off to raise the $27Million so it looks like they are going to have to hit up existing share holders. What price would holders on these threads pay and how much dilution do you all imagine will result? And then how do you think you are going to fare if they redomicile to the US before signing any BTA’s??

    Pos, or someone else can take it from here regarding who might take a large stake in this company, but you would want someone who has buyers already lined up.

    LNG’s last announcement, prior to today’s, said “LNG is committed to transparency”!! Does anyone actually believe this!!

    Previously Foxdog commented that the SP was dropping so fast his ears were bursting, and mrwalker’s missus was tightening her grip on his balls. I hate to be the one to tell you mrw, but you might need to keep an ice pack handy because that grip your missus has got on you is probably going to get vice like when she sees the acronym CR!!

    And Fox, I think your bursting ear drums are affecting your thinking!! There’s no harm in being positive but your predictions and hope haven’t changed since you thought the trade war would be over last year. There needs to be a reality check amongst you guys, this management needs to be held accountable and the only person I see who has finally seen them for who they are is Ricky!!!!

    I know Pos and a few others have mentioned the big pay packets and lack of performance (without getting much support on these threads) but make no mistake, a CR is coming and with it more dilution in share value.

    There is so much information out there to consider regarding supply, seasonal demand, the amount of gas still held in storage by countries etc, yet it’s a bit hard to discuss global factors when you have a management team that is still making excuses and not acknowledging their failure to deliver on previous projections, statements and speculation.

    To those out there who think some long term holders on these threads are whingers, we are aware who has just turned up to make a quick opportunistic money grab and who have put in the effort to researching this company.
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