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Thanks for the information Pos. The truth is after 30 years I...

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    Thanks for the information Pos.

    The truth is after 30 years I don't know how much energy I've got left to keep up to date with the gas industry. I’ve got a nephew who works in the industry and has told me to invest in Jemena (but they are not listed), and a friend who’s worked in the industry for over 30 years and has told me another gas company to invest in but I can’t even remember who now.

    I still follow Santos on and off because I have owned them since 2005 and LNG because after all the time and money I invested in them, I believe they owe me a return, even if it’s in blood.

    I’m starting to get too old to be reading different company’s financial and operational reports and keeping up with whats going on in different sectors, and most of the energy I’ve got left I want to put into battling younger blokes battling me for waves in the surf!!

    I appreciate you posting that information though.

    Nice surprise to see near 10% rise today, could be a few reasons

    KBR renewing their contract
    US LNG exports rising last week
    US Natural gas stocks falling more than forecast
    Futures natural gas prices going up on the weekend
    Hopefully something more substantial and specific to LNG

    It pays to look at the charts, I looked today and saw the US has been producing over 12 Million barrels of oil a week since February. Wish I looked before buying Santos last week, guess I'll just have to keep a keen eye on STO's SP and hope the Iranians down a another US drone!!

    I know, I shouldn't keep having pot shots at our northern cousins!!!!

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