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An eye opening post Moneybags and a stark reminder of where we...

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    An eye opening post Moneybags and a stark reminder of where we should be today if all the statements made were not as it turns out, pretty much a load of crap. Again it must be said the proof is in the pudding unfortunately. I had based a number of my purchases as a result of some of these statements which have certainly been shall we say overly optimistic? I probably fall into that category as you've pointed out MB but I still remain hopeful of success but at what cost to longterm shareholders between now and when that happens?
    When you look at the pay packets of these highly paid individuals it really makes you wonder. Possum has drawn this to our attention for quite some time also. I think the only one who approaches his worth is John Baguley. He's been instrumental in the technology development and will be crucial to us the day the shovel hits dirt. (When not if?) Mike Mott earned his worth in 2018 by securing IDG as a major shareholder. A masterstroke which bought us another year. My attention however was drawn to Joe B'Oris who joined us in late 2017 basically as the chief salesman and closer and receives almost half a million bucks a year for the privilege. After 18 months in the role the sales order book is still blank, nothing, zip. A fact that can't be denied. I'm sure he works hard but at the end of the day this is the result. Nor can I find anywhere that he has put his hand in his pocket to buy some skin in the game either which doesn't demonstrate a great deal of faith, after all actions speak louder than words. Maybe he's been excluded from doing so because of the timing of allowing executives to buy on market so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps though, at these bargain basement prices now would be a good time to do so if the window of opportunity allows? A confidence booster for everyone. God knows we need it at the moment.
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