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Pan, I think GV began at LNG before actually taking over the...

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    Pan, I think GV began at LNG before actually taking over the role of CEO, and I think Bear Head receiving the US DOE Authorisation for Exports (02/16) and Magnolia receiving the FERC Order (03/16) may have been achieved during that period.

    I do not give him much credit in these because most of the work was done before hand. My view on Bear Head
    is that it is dead in the water, and that they may try to sell it (at a loss) in order to delay a CR until the SP rises, of course this might not happen, but it’s one of a number of scenarios I consider. As there is no gas supply to the site (for industries etc), I don’t know who would buy it, but that’s as much as I consider about it all before moving on the next topic.

    As far as the increase in capacity from 8mtpa to 8.8mtpa, I believe KBR actually gets the credit for that.

    And as far as Magnolia receiving the FERC Order; FERC NTP; and FERC granting the additional 0.8mtpa, I think the credit for those probably should go to Philip Moeller (Second Longest serving former FERC Commissioner) who is one of our Non Executive Directors (on the BOD).

    As far as other comments on the threads suggesting a TO from either Qatar or Shell, Qatar is already increasing output in its own country as well as already having the Golden Pass LNG project on the gulf coast with Exxon Mobil.

    Shell has oil and gas projects all around the world as well as already having an offshore platform off the gulf coast, and if memory serves me correctly, they used to own the site that is now Magnolia.

    I’m not qualified to give advice (a good thing, especially given for my penchant for a particular type of coffee), but if I was to, I would probably suggest share holders write a letter to Peter Coleman (CEO of Woodside) and try and talk him into it, I can think of 5 reasons off the top of my head why he might consider it, and he doesn’t need contacts through IDG, he already has high level talks with major players and offtakers all around the world.

    Just to disclose, I don’t hold Woodside, but I acquired a parcel of Santos shares this week, based on a recent acquisition of theirs, they’re recent discoveries of a major oil and gas reserves off NW Australia and their partnerships in the Northern Territory and PNG. Mostly though, it was a speculative buy based on the possibility of increased tension / volatility / disruption in the Arabian Gulf and Santos’ ability to produce oil cheaply. A recent downside is that I think the QLD government has introduced a new resources rent tax on QLD oil and gas projects so I wouldn’t try to talk anyone into buying, I’m just telling you what I’m up to, and the first sign it’s not going to pay off I’ll sell.

    mwilson, thanks for your words of support, we might have more in common than just Shakespeare!!

    Frankie, I always love your humour!!!! Ah noticed, ah say ah noticed a lot of those ‘idioms’ are from our own Texas Rooster, Foghorn Leghorn.

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