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    I was sipping on my mushroom coffee wondering how many ‘Chart action’ watchers are members of the tabooed ‘short sellers’ fraternity looking for the lows to invest $20K - $30K, watch it go up 3 cents and pick up a quick grand here and there, and how many are loyal, long term holders (who denigrate short sellers) looking to do the same thing.

    It would be nice to have some cash to invest in some more shares while they are going cheapish. Maybe it’s time to do as the loyal long termer’s suggest and sell (at a huge loss), then I could buy more while they are cheap and end up rich!!

    Still no news from the company (obviously the “no news is good news” policy is being enthusiastically adopted) and not much is filtering through to the cupboard other than rumours of a another possible leak leading to a rise in the SP; and the talk of Fisherman’s Landing being the next big import terminal for LNG in Australia, although after discussing this prospect with a flying pig we seemed to find five times as many reasons why this would not happen compared with why it would.

    There has been a special post box installed at the back of our cupboard for any news from ej as he is always up to date, enthusiastic, upbeat and accurate with his commentary and we look forward to his prediction of the NTP being granted in early April (and hopefully he means April, this year) although as many have stated, it’s really not necessary when it comes to securing BTA’s, all that is necessary is investment grade buyers believing what we all believed.

    Ah, the things you think about in the cupboard eh. Mushroom soup will be ready soon fellow dweller’s, followed by a lot of laughing and some amazing visual effects, we just need to know is who wants ‘gold tops’ and who wants ‘blue moonies’. Frankie your welcome if it helps get you off the tequila and rum!!
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