free trade versus fair trade

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    Today the main protagonists in Federal Parliament represent Capital, Labour and The Environment.

    When Australia federated, the main protagonists were Protectionists (or Fair Traders) and Free Traders or Globalisers as we know them today.

    Before the Country Party became the National Party and got into bed with the party of Urban Capital and Cheap Labour (or Liberal Party as we know it today) leaders like Jack McEwan and Doug Anthony would froth at the mouth with anger in Parliament and *demand* a better deal for farmers and rural Australia from the flint-hearted Liberals.

    And they got a better deal. Farmer unions formed co-operatives to get justice from organised capital. Statutory marketing schemes such as the Wheat Board and Floor Price Scheme for Wool extracted better prices from predatory local and overseas dealers and traders.

    BUT that's all gone now as Woolies and Coles play one producer off another to drive down food prices while overseas dealers and traders collude to profit handsomely from individual (not collective) contracts - much like the Liberals Work (No) Choices individual contracts crush wages.

    The only Federal politician who is true to his Country Party roots is Bob Katter. He understands what Free Trade means - enriching Organised Capital by crushing farmer and worker incomes.

    Bottom Line: Our biggest border protection issue is not terrorists or refugees - it's protecting Australia from globalisation before it does to us what it did to Detroit.

    To end on lighter note. Will I take the right path?

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