freaky jewrks on a heat again

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    dear friends of Oz
    Me, the dirty ccutale, the "terrorist and a mental case" on HC
    well, I gave the freaks, the jewrks, 5 (five days) of quite, remember I will stop if you stop posting BS
    5 (five days) of my absence here and the sh!t is going on ! they are peddling same sh!t all allong !
    the stinking Zionist jewrks are on a heat again !
    more, the chief HC warmonger, daver is hoping for "I hope Australia is well out of it" (daver-not-a-jewish-bone-inside is feeling the heat ?)
    there is more to it, we are told here, why we should be rowing very hard and snouter is going to steer us to the future, trust him he is a jew !
    we are told by ya'akov why we have to be part of it, why it will be here or next door, ya'akov even mentioned the numbers, of course it is not a Zion affair anymore, it is your average bed and breakfast order for you
    well, those mother muckers are anasthetising you, twisting your mentality and corrupting you, they are scared, marked and running out of the reasons
    Achtung jewrks, your time is coming, you are even calling the timing of it !

    NOW, let's have a BBQ and you weare the David's Star on the front of your T-shirt, we "love" you and we care about you like anybody else (anywhere in the the WORLD and anytime thru-out the history)
    here is a spade and ====>this is a Joker, hehe

    of course, NOW you have the chance not to post for 5 (five) days and see for yourself if I will peddle any of the so called "pro Islamic crap", or any F#cking religion crap at all, GO SKIING you F#cking CORRUPTERS
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