There will be a multitude of ill-informed and ignorant swing...

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    There will be a multitude of ill-informed and ignorant swing voters that will see this as bashing the so-called wealthy, and they will LOVE labor for it until they find out it hits more mum's and dad's on a per capita basis than the wealthy.

    The whole tax system relies on capturing as many as possible in the net, labor knows that the uber wealthy only make up a small proportion of tax revenue collection, but behind the facade is the fact that they must capture the low-middle income earners that make up the vast majority of tax collection.

    It's a deceptive guise that labor uses about attacking the wealthy, but the reality is it is bleeding the poor dry.

    They also know they will have difficulty passing it through the senate but yet persist in the deception of attacking the wealthy.

    Some-one please define wealthy, I have asked my local labor member but he is mute on the subject i.e. plainly refuses to provide a definition! And that's typical labor for you!
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