Hi Logco,I obviously have a SMSF, and my expense ratio is a tad...

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    Hi Logco,
    I obviously have a SMSF, and my expense ratio is a tad above yours, but not by much.
    My returns over the past decade have been both above and below the industry funds.
    The point I was trying to make, was that the cost of industry funds have dropped to the point that they make a reasonably easy escape route for people from the FC changes, if they wish to avoid the worst effects on their income.
    I am finding it hard to find any other method which maintains the income without an increase in risk.

    As said above, I would agree that Labor doesn't really like smsfs.
    But the smsf industry is not totally without blame, it has tended to be at the forefront of some pretty sharp tax minimization practices , which would be impossible to do with standard super funds.
    Still not an excuse for Labor's effective discrimination between pooled and smsfs, and between preMarch 18 and post smsfs
    But in the end, I will do what makes the most money, taking into account risk, in the environment I am presented with.

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