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    I am making the assumption that we are talking about pension phase super.

    The fees to look at here are those for "index diversified" and "Australian shares", 0.16% and 0.34% respectively, plus $150 per year.

    As I said, the fees are not huge.

    So I'll pluck a number out of the air.
    1million, If the whole lot goes in.
    fees 1,750 and 3,550 ? But your accountant misses out a bit, so net might not be that much.
    Let us presume 40% is ff shares,dividend return a grossed up 8%, fc 9.6k.

    Now suppose you have my hybrid system, 400k ff shares, the rest is a mix of direct property, bonds, property trusts, listed and unlisted, unfranked divi paying companies.
    I want or need to maintain my smsf[in my case because of direct property, shares in an unlisted company and unlisted property trusts], so 400k after selling the FF shares, goes into Australian shares in AusSuper, fees for that, $1375. But the performance is not that far off with the share fund, and my exposure sort of the same.
    So I'm about 8k better off than if I just let things ride.
    What do I lose?
    A measure of control.
    It is a matter of deciding how much a person is willing to spend for that control.
    Keep in mind with a hybrid system, your accountant's fees drop a bit, but not by much it seems.

    The other more direct and hands on features Aus Super offers, I'm not sure about, because when I discussed it with them last year, they were unsure how the franking credits would be dealt with these funds.
    The normal funds, of course, you get the effect of the credits.

    Anybody see any flaws in my figures, please point them out.
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