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    It is hard to see this change not putting downward pressure on ff shares prices. So the dilemma, sell now and reconstruct for something that probably won't happen, or wait it out.
    On your point about smsf's( those in pension phase anyway) , lots of people have both a fixed sunk cost, and specific assets , which make a SMSF necessary and or attractive. But I think that number will prove small, at least for those in pension phase, and most others will or should exit to a pooled fund.
    Because I have assets that require a SMSF ,I may go with a hybrid.
    By hybrid, I mean no ff shares in the SMSF, and money in an industry fund option which allows me to mirror the effects of those shares as closely as possible.
    The fees are peanuts.

    It is also hard to see how the fc change won't disrupt capital flows in business, including more investment overseas.

    All good fun
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