Hi Logco,I'm not that bent out of shape by politicians pensions,...

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    Hi Logco,
    I'm not that bent out of shape by politicians pensions, I've known a couple, and it was a demanding life.I'm probably in a group of about a dozen people in Australia that think they are underpaid , there are just too many of them.
    The universal pension[taxed], I am certainly in favour of, but being a closet commie, I'm a fan of a universal basic income, so I'm hardly going to be against the universal pension you are talking about
    I dont think that all super deductions need to go, but a return to taxation of super payments with a rebate for taxes paid, and rbl's, would make the system sustainable, ie back to 2002?
    As far as the performance of industry funds go, I take your point about unlisted assets, but even those funds which are essentially Australian shares based ,have done ok.
    The franking credits changes are riddled with inconsistencies and inequities, but my major beef is that they wont work at raising much in the way of net revenue, and are a distraction from proper reforms which will achieve what we probably both want, which is a fair , sustainable, retirement incomes policy[although , I bet we would argue about the details!].
    And before any disciples of this policy jump all over me as a greedy old baby boomer protecting my interests, as a member of the upper middle, and with the present income tax scales ,what I have talked about above, would cost me money, a lot more than the franking credits policy.

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