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fracing strategy

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    Sorry readers this may have been raised and answered already.
    Reports on drill progress advised:
    U Ismay 9804 ft gas show
    L Ismay 10006 min gas show
    desert creek 10279 gs
    akah 19528 gs
    l barker creek 11016 gs
    alkali gulch 12960 maj gs
    cane creek 15135 gs
    pinkerton trail 15280 maj gs
    leedville 15573 gs

    they have tested barker creek gas shows with 0.5mmcf flow rates and propose to test gas shows at higher levels.

    why haven't they chosen to test the alkali gulch and the pinkerton trail where they have indicated maj gas shows.

    Is it a general facing policy to test higher level gas shows before testing the lower levels??.

    Could it be for technical reasons that the lower gas show prospective levels are tested before the "major gas show" prospective levels are tested?? Would appreciate some technical advice please.
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