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fox news special report and acquirer

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    The company has managed itself in a very low key way until it has begun to fire on all cylinders. Now that its Sir Spheres are becoming entrenched in medical community as part of standard of care this will spur aloth of further growth as company gets exposed to both medical and investing public. The new investing public is at least 10,000,000 additional potential investos. If each investor just wanted to purchase one share of avilable 9,000,000 share float this would be one share per investor. This is why HH and Dr Gray will be entertaining offers from big pharma in near future as sp gets in the $11-15 range.They are watching as Sir Spheres works synergistically with all their chemo drugs. A premium to that sp would be possibly accepatable to major holders or otherwise earnings growout will get to sp of 30x 2010-2011 eps or $20 in a year or less. I added at $7.17,$7.20, and most recently at $7.49 yesterday. This is $10.50-11 short term as a knife slices thru butter. My opinion only and theirs.Fox news special is only a few days away to while countries viewership.
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